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Bad credit or no credit are not reasons to be disqualified for an online loan. Online lenders we work with, make loan approval decisions based on more factors than just your score. Anyone can be approved!
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Just be honest when writing down your details, and the lenders will be happy to help you out with the payday loan without faxing and hard paperwork. Few checks are done.
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After being approved, just sign the papers, and wait for the money to reach your bank account. This happens usually on the next business day, but may be even on the same day.

Understanding Bad Credit Loans

Mistakes can happen anytime but the real problem arises when you have made a blunder with your finance and thus your irresponsible decisions lead you to a bad credit score. A bad credit score may not be a problem unless you require some sudden financial help. We are all aware that because of this, few bank lenders will give you the loan, just for knowing the fact that you might be not able to repay. So, in this case, payday loans may be still a solution for you, and we are here to help you.

Are there any chances to get a loan with poor credit?

We, at match you only with reliable direct lenders. Nevertheless, no credit check can’t be guaranteed because some sort of credit check is performed anyway as a part of automated decision making process, because lenders want to find out if you can afford the loan. This means that your bad or poor credit score may partially affect their decision to finance you.

This may lead you to a thought, that if you have had some issues with your credit in past, or you are struggling with financial problems now, you are not qualified for a loan. But this is not true, because even with bad credit or less than perfect credit you are still able to get a quick online loan, as all applications are still 100% checked and we can match you with different lenders who are not so much concerned about your past financial mistakes. They can offer you a smaller loan, or a higher interest rate, but you still have many chances to be approved. Moreover, while making the assessment, lenders consider many more factors than just credit history. Each loan application is unique, and credit rating is just one tool among many others to help online lenders make a decision.

We have created this small guide for you, to help you decide whether to apply or not for bad credit loans.

How does credit score affect me?

A credit score is a financial parameter, calculated by special credit reference agencies, indicating the level of financial trust of a person. People with a high credit score, have proven to fulfill their financial obligations on time. While, a person with poor credit score had some financial issues including late payments or debts, and he is considered to be a more risky person in terms of financial obligations.

Some of the reasons that may cause your bad credit are:

  • Always being late with your payments / loans
  • Having your debt passed to a collection agency
  • Home foreclosure
  • Filling bankruptcy
  • Loan default
While checking your application, creditors may use your credit rating as one of the parameters. However, how they interpret these numbers is entirely up to them, and nobody knows that. As we told earlier, they take into account a lot of other factors as well. So while one lender can deny a person with poor credit, another may accept the same person. There are no good or bad credit loans. There are just different lenders accepting different levels of risk, and thereby approving people for online loans with different credit scores.

How to improve your poor credit rating?

Paying all your bills on time is a good way to improve your credit. Whether it’s a water, electricity or even credit card bill – just pay the full amount on time and you will show yourself as a reliable borrower. Potential loan lenders may see those timely payments, and thus consider you for an online payday loan with better terms – which is always a good thing for you. Please also remember, that eve if you did some mistakes in past, their importance tends to get lower as time passes, as long as your pay your newer bills regularly. Keeping your balance low on credit cards, and paying off your debts as soon as possible are other two ways that will help you increase your score faster.
What about loans?

Taking out a loan may be another solution, but you should be extra careful with it. Only take out a payday loan, if you’re 100% guaranteed sure that you can pay back the complete amount plus interest during the period indicated in your terms and conditions (usually 2 weeks).
Otherwise, if you cannot afford to meet the payments, you may only get deeper in debt trap, that will decrease your score even more.
Things to understand before applying:

  • Payday advances are for short term only, and are far from being the cheapest option.
  • You shouldn’t use payday loans to pay off existing debts
  • Late repayments mean extra costs and fees and they may affect your credit score
  • Use payday loans exclusively for emergency situations
  • If you’re applying for payday loans regularly, then you better stop before it’s too late.

Who will lend you if you have bad credit?

If you have answered the above questions, and decided that you could afford the loan, then you can get to the next step, which includes the application itself. Getting a small loan would be smarter at an online lender rather than at a bank. Banks may be too picky, and conservative when we are talking about financial risks. Moreover, they don’t lend a few hundreds dollars as online creditors do. Getting a $500 loan at a bank may sound like driving a private jet to the nearest grocery. So, you better take your scooter in this case and apply for payday loans from direct lenders, we are matching you with. They can be helpful when you need urgently a small amount of money.
All you need to get a quick loan:

1. Fill out our easy form
2. Get immediate reply
3. Get the money
Benefits of applying with us:

  • 100% online and secure: The process is online and confidential. All your data is encrypted.
  • Trusted direct lenders: We match you with reliable lenders who are willing to help you when you need urgent cash.
  • Convenient and easy to qualify: Choose from many lenders, rather than just from one. Select the best offer, terms and the amount which suit you most.
Overall, the idea standing behind the bad credit loans, is that everything is individual and flexible. For traditional banks and even some online creditors, a person with a poor credit rating is mostly equal with “high risk”. For other online lenders, the same person can be good enough to be approved for a quick loan. Sometimes, it even depends on the amount. You may be approved for a loan of $500, but be rejected when you ask the same lender for $1000. Other thing that may be different is interest rate and overall terms. These may differ as well, depending on many factors, including your credit score as well.

So now, you should understand that if you decided that you need emergency money, but your credit rating is less than perfect, there are no real obstacles to get an online loan. Just fill out the form on our site, we will connect you with the suitable direct lenders, and they may approve you for a payday advance. Please read carefully all terms and conditions before you sign the contract, because as we told earlier, the interest rate may be really high.